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Lets-a help #SuperMario and #SonicTheHedgehog get better futures and make they's potential mushrooms and rings! Join #WeAreMarioAndSonic now on Fandom Wikia! ;)

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We Are Mario And Sonic is the support group for all fans of Mario And Sonic. Whether you're looking to find more information about her or if you just want to talk with other Mario And Sonic fans, you are here!

We are trying to do the best since August 3, 2018. Before, We started with Instagram Account. And now we are on Twitter, Tumblr, Deviantart, Youtube, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest.

It started small, but after gathering many members and expanding through many affiliates, it became the biggest support group for Mario And Sonic on the Instagram!

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In addition to the We Are Mario And Sonic Wiki, you can find We Are Mario And Sonic's social media accounts in here:

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